About Us

AL ABAR AL DOULIA is a Libyan oil service company, established in Benghazi-Libya on the 15-10 2009 the main office is located in Benghazi , Alhawari, Venice St. Tripoli branch is located in BenAshour,  Wasait Al Bdarie..
AL ABAR task is to provide services and supplies to oil and water operating, contractors and service companies. This includes but not limited to the following oil field activities: exploration, drilling, production, marketing, construction, training and logistics services.

AL ABAR international is a subsidiary of a group, NATCO located in Libya, Benghazi, Alhawari, Venice St.also brunches in other LIBYAN cities like AL KHOMES,MISERATA and TRIPOLI the group has offices in UAE.TURKEY, CHINA the group supply different types of drilling, completion and production chemicals also chemicals for other industrial needs. This group is and been a major local supplier to the oil fields and other industrial sectors for the last 17 years, the group built a good reputation with variety of customers being a reliable supplier and service provider.

 AL ABAR international Company lead by a team that have local and international experience in marketing and engineering services together with being a subsidiary of NATCO group  consequently gained good experience within the Libyan and international market.